"I was recently going through my puerh stash and I found a small nugget  about 7g with label that said "1980s Snow Brick - GrandTea". So far I  have ran almost 2 liters of water through those leaves, and they are not  dead yet. That little nugget has been hiding in my draw for 15 years.  It served me well today, and I wanted to thank you..."

Mike Petro


"I’ve came across Grand Tea through their sample reviewing system and since then my interest constantly grown. The website has a nice choice of great teas, different prices and super fast and cheap shipping fee considering that I live to the other side of the world!

I’m very happy also to deal with the owner Yat-Fung: he has a great sense of customer service, very communicative and open to listen feedbacks and requests. I sincerely recommend Grand Tea!”

Francesco Vezzola

 "I have searched for a good Tea for years. I alway loved the Tea in Chinese  restaurants,
 so one night I asked the waiter if I could buy a tea bag. He gave me 2 to take home. 
 That's how I learned where they bought their Tea. It was on the tab of the Tea bag. I got on line and have been a customer ever since. I am partial to the jasmine. It is the best I have ever tasted. I have several others and they are all delightful. I am so happy I found The Grand Tea Company!"

 Earlenne E. Friend

 "I have been buying from Grandtea.com since 2012. I've always been very
 happy with the quality of the tea and the service. The redesigned website
 makes it easier to find and repeat orders. The free samples allow me to try
 new teas and very often special offers are available. It's a good value and
 reliable service, thank you!"

Doug, Melbourne, Australia

"Since I am a disbled Vietnam Veteran I drank lots of tea. This tea is great! It is not available in the local stores. I like to make it my self, and I can, with deliveries as often as I like, Thank you."


Deep thanks to you, I just got my tea today.  Ever since I tasted your
 jasmine pearls about 8 years ago from ebay, I've always held your product
 in high regard.  Your thoughtfulness with these samples of dark tea that I
 can try in my thermos is striking me profoundly!  You've really enriched
 daily life through the years with your collection of teas.

 Ben Samuelson