Dry White Tea

"The *white tea* as all teas comes from the family of Camillia Sinensis but the white tea is slightly oxidized compared to all other teas.

Today let’s go to the province of Fujian, a coastal province in the southeast of China for the *White Down Needle-Zheng He* <https://www.grandtea.com/Baihao-Yinzhen.html> tea, best known under the name of Hao Yin Zhen Bai. Fujian Province is one of the most known province for white tea.

The White Down Needle-Zheng He is a tea composed of young tea leaves harvested with their buds and it is called "Silver Needle" because of all small white hairs like strands on the leaves. For me the leaves also remind me of pine needles.

*Preparation and taste!*

I brewed my tea directly into a small porcelain cup and I covered everything with a saucer between 2-3 minutes. Honestly it was not enough because after that time I had neither the aromas nor the expected flavors. Yes, I say 'expected' because when I opened my tea bag I had a very fruity
aroma with a dominant aroma of a French summer fruit, the melon. So I left my tea to brew again for at least 5 minutes and then it was just perfect. I had a tea with a beautiful yellow color and a marvelous fruity taste. A true delight.

The best way to prepare and enjoy a white tea is to use a *Gaiwan* , a porcelain cup with a lid, the method traditionally used in China.

I read this piece of advice after having brewed my tea, so without knowing it. I intuitively decide to brew my tea in my little porcelain cup. I did it because the leaves were so delicate that I was afraid of damaging them into a large pot and so failing to get the most out of the *White Down Needle-Zheng He* <https://www.grandtea.com/Baihao-Yinzhen.html>.

I love this very delicate and fruity taste white tea. Thanks a lot to *Grand Tea* <https://www.grandtea.com/> for allowing me to taste this great white tea because as you know due to the rarity of very good white teas, it is a fairly an expensive tea. The White Down Needle-Zheng He, is approximately 22 euros for 100 grams of tea. Even if it is a bit expensive, this white tea is worth its price because it’s just delicious !"

Reviewer's website: https://pamfashionblog.blogspot.hk/2017/07/le-blancwhite-down-needle-zheng-he.html

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