Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha

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Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha also known as “Rainflower” is a refreshing, unique, natural and fine green tea with very little amount of caffeine. The colorful tea is widely popular in the world and one of the most consumed tea. Even without undergoing any fermentation or oxidation process, it has a lot of medicinal components. 

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The Nan Jing Yu Hua Cha means “Rain flower” and it’s given that name after the city from which it originates. The tea comes from the Nanjing city which is in Jiang Su province. The name was given because these tea leaves are grown and harvested from the Rain Flower Terrace area. The tea, at one point of time, was one of China’s Top Ten teas. It was first produced in the year 1958. It has won many awards for its superior taste and quality. The city has a mild climate and abundant rainfall which is very suitable for growing tea. After the tea is harvested, the buds are fixed, rolled, shaped and roasted. The roasting is done in four processes and all of them are done manually. 

Taste and appearance

The dried tea leaves are narrow and straight in shape and resemble pine needles. They are also delicate in appearance. They are dark green in color and are a little rough to touch. They have a soothing flowery aroma which leaves you feeling refreshed when you brew it. The tea is refreshingly light and has a flowery and cool taste. It is light green in color after you brew it. Use a strainer to get rid of the dregs after steeping. 

Health benefits

The tea is very soothing for the body. It boosts the energy and keeps you refreshed for a long time. It also helps in removing internal fat and heat. It has more antioxidants like flavonoids and catechins unlike others because it is not oxidized. These flavonoids reduce the risk of a few types of cancers. But green tea is far less stimulating for the stomach, unlike green oolong tea. It can also help in lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes. It’s known to increase the metabolic rate in the interim and could help in losing weight. 

Why buy this tea?

People who love tea will love this green tea. It is very refreshing and helps you keep yourself energized. It will also improve your physical performance and will not make you feel lethargic. 


It is recommended to use a tall glass to brew this tea. Rinse the glass and teapot with hot water. For every 150 ml of water, use 2 grams of tea leaves (1-2 teaspoons). The water should be about 70-80 degree in temperature. Steep the tea leaves in the hot water for about one minute for the first and second brew. Gradually increase the temperature and steeping time for subsequent brewing. 

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    25g, 100g, 250g
  • Other name
    南京雨花茶, Rain Flower Tea
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11 Mar 2019

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