Brewing Guide

Tea Brewing Guide

Tea Brewing with Chinese Teapot

Suitable for Oolong tea, Pu-erh, Hei cha and Black tea

Gongfu Brewing Basic Steps:

1. Put in about two teaspoons or about enough to cover the bottom of the teapot. Fill the teapot to the rim with boiling water and then pour it out to rinse the tealeaves and removes the dust.
2. Rinse the drinking cups with boiling water.
3. Add boiling water to the rim of the teapot and let the tea brew. Cover the teapot with the lid and then continue to pour boiling water on the outside of teapot.
4. When the correct amount of time has passed, pour the tea into the serving pot or directly to the cups.
5. Enjoy your cup of tea.
6. Repeat step 3 to step 5 for additional infusions. The infusion time should be a little longer for each subsequent infusion.

Tea Brewing with Glass

Suitable for Scented tea, Herbal tea, Blooming tea, Green tea, White tea, Jasmine tea and Yellow tea.

Video note:

Tea brewing instruction for green tea, white tea using tall glass.

Step 1. Warm up the tall glass

Step 2. Add the the leaves

Step 3. Fill 2-3 cm of the glass with temperature water ( 85-90 Celsius degree).

Step 4. Spinn the glass. The subtleties and nuances of each variety of tea are released by the circulation of water over the leaves.

Step 5. Fill the glass with more temperature water. Move the tea pot upp and down to circulate the water.

Step 6. Wait until most of the leaves have sunk to the bottom and then you can drink straight from the glass.

Step 7 Second infusion. Don't finished whole glass before refill, leave 1/3 tea from previous infusion.

Step 8. Repeat step 5 again.

Gaiwan Brewing

Gaiwan is the most diverse brewing utensil, by adjusting water temperature and infusing time it can be use for all types of tea.