About us

Grand Tea Company is a Hong Kong based company specializing in high quality teas from China. What started as a shop in Shatin in 2002 by two brothers passionate about tea, has grown into an expanding online business that serving small to medium businesses with high quality tea.


Our mission is promoting healthy and creative lifestyle


Genuine and Simplicity


-We are running an easy to use online tea store and sending premium Chinese tea to tea lovers around the world.

-Our Blog is a simple platform for sharing and collaboration.

-For businesses we can provide a personalized service that suit your need. Please, see our Wholesale page for more information.


Yat-fung Yeung

Doing tea business has been an exciting journey for me. When I started Grandtea.com I was only a fresh graduate art student and have no experience in tea, the only tea I known was tea bags from supermarket and low grade loose tea from dim sum restaurant. By chance my big brother introduce me the premium Chinese tea and it art, I was so fascinate about the subject that I started to corporate with my brother and started my first website.

As a small online business my idea is simple: no gimmick, honesty, affordable price and good quality. I always try to be honest and fair to my customers, thorough the years I have established a good relationship among tea drinkers and tea merchants (buying from us) around the world.

Depend on demand, I do monthly or sometime weekly trip from Hong Kong to main China to restock tea, try new arrival teas from reliable suppliers. Teas which sell at grandtea.com are tasted and compared carefully from different farmers and manufacture to make sure the quality of teas are all excellent.