There are a lot of types of tea being made nowadays for everyday drinking, but the tea that I am going to tell you is nothing you encounter everyday. One may even be totally disgusted when he hears about this tea, drinking it is quite a difficult task from the fact that it’s made of droppings from a mysterious insect, an intriguing beverage that could easily appear as a ‘challenge’ on Fear Factor.

In Chinese it is called Chong Cha, means literally Worm Tea. it is basically a tea made of the droppings from tinny, dark color caterpillars. There are two species of caterpillar that used for production of this tea, Hydrillodes morosa and Aglossa dimidiata. If you’re planning to test out their poop, might as well get familiar with their scientific names, right?

In our eyes Chong Cha may appear to be very unusual beverage, but for some area of China, having this tea is as normal as we have a nice cup of earl grey in the morning. The type of Chong Cha I tried (there are different styles)  could be found in Guang Xi of China;  similar tea also been drunk for a long period of time in different Chinese area such Funan, Tong, and Miao natives.

However you should not confuse this traditional native worm tea from those worm tea that accidentally produces when the stored Puerh tea eaten by unknown specie of caterpillar. Pu-erh style is a different story, just you know not all worm tea is created the same.

So what is the attraction of this tea?

According to the principle of Chinese medicine, daily drinking the brew of Chong Cha in a hot summer day would have a cooling effect on the body that would prevent many symptoms like heatstroke, epistaxis  and bleeding hemorrhoids. Besides It also beneficial for your digestion and help you detox your body.

Now you know this tea is good for you, and you may still think it taste just as it sound? But the true is, disregards the fact most people dislike the idea of drinking a dropping infusion; Guangxi style of Chong Cha described by first – timer drinkers as red brown colored liquid similar to pu-erh tea, besides it has a pleasant kind of minty fragrance and taste which is very unique.

Ultimately, Chong Cha tea is truly something special of it own kind, combining an exotically delicious taste with a unique origin and various health benefits, worm tea is definitely something to try out and share with you friends.

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