The King of Tikuanyin Tea is a premium Oolong tea. Lots of healing benefits to Oolong tea!  Before stepped has a sweet floral almost spicy sent. Very intriguing. The floral sent and spices continue to tickle your nose. Very calming. As you sip this tea it is very smooth almost silky taste.  Perfect for a rainy Saturday morning when you have a moment to just be still and enjoy the start of your day. The tea leaves are individual  little shriveled tainted green leaves. This is an expensive tea, it's a treat to have in your cupboard. Sometimes we need to treat ourselves :) In the summer I like to make ice tea with my teas. Sometimes it brings on a new experience.

Ratings  (1-5 ) 5 is the best 

Aroma - 4

Flavour - 4

Appearance - 3

Value - 4

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