I have never tried this type of tea before today. When you open the bag it smells lightly floral, but also a little bit like hay or straw (in a nice way) like being in the country. It looks a bit different than other white teas I have seen, with more stems and whole leaves. Most were whole leaves, though some of the bigger ones were broken.

When steeped in my glass carafe the tea was a lovely pale yellow and the floral hay scent became even more pronounced. The peony flavor and scent is very unique. Even after leaving the leaves in it for awhile before taking my second cup, it didn’t get bitter. The taste is lovely and clean, not very astringent either. I found it very thirst quenching, with a lovely flowery aftertaste.

This would make a great iced tea in the summer as well. Also a good pairing with a fruity dessert.

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