Rating: 5/5  This tea has a very natural brown/amber color in its unbrewed state. It is not as oxidized as an oolong such as Da Hong Pao but definitely much more oxidized than Tie Kian Yin. Its shape is just like Tie Kuan Yin, the leaves are balled up into spherical shapes. Even after brewing the leaves remain relatively compact, only opening up about halfway to being in the shape of a full leaf.

Taste and Aroma

Aroma Rating: 4/5 Taste Rating:5/5 Before you read my thoughts on the taste and aroma of the tea it is important for me to mention how I brewed it. I used water that was just under bouling temperature with about 1 gram of tea for 1 cup of tea. I let the tea steep for about 2-3 minutes and then used a strainer to remove the leaves. This tea has a pleasant smell and it is a little difficult to describe. Overall the smell is very mellow almost to the point that it is weak or slightly stale. For that I gave it a 4/5. It may just be me that finds the smell a little weak though so don't be discouraged by my below perfect rating. As for the way this tea tastes I thought it was very nice. If you have ever had a high altitude black tea, it is very similar to that. The flavor is fresh and light but it still has a very distinctive taste like. I admire the lightness of it's taste and so I gave it a 5/5, I would purchase this tea for myself later.


Rating: 4/5 The price-point for this tea is reasonable however not so much so that I would buy this te often. I would still recommend anyone to try it if they have not yet. Since I would buy the tea at this price-point given the quality and taste of the tea so I gave it a 4/5.  

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