Wuyi Oolong (Yancha)

Wuyi Oolong tea is not a single tea variety, but refers collectively to the tea varieties that grown on the Wuyi Mountain of Fujian Province in China. Wuyi Mountain is the largest and most representative example of Chinese subtropical forests. It subtropical climate, limestone soil and elevations of around 700 meters contribute to a prime condition for the unique varieties of Wuyi Oolong tea.

Wuyi Oolong tea has a rich fragrance of flowers and endless sweet aftertaste. The unique characters of Wuyi Oolong are often called Yan Yun or rock charm. So what is rock charm? Chinese tea expert explain rock charm as following. 1. (清 = Qing) purity or clarity of liquor 2. (香 = Xiang) fragrance. orchid, honey, Plume and etc 3. (活 = Huo) liveliness or vibrancy. 4. (甘 = Gan) sweet aftertaste. 5. (岩骨 = Yan Gu) rockiness or mineral notes.

What is Zheng Yan Cha?

It is said that the innermost area of the Wuyi mountains grown the best Wuyi Oolong tea plants. Oolong teas make from these plants are called Zheng Yan Cha (lit. central rock tea) . Most of the Oolong teas on the market belong to the so called Ban Yan Cha (Half Rock Tea) which grown in the immediately surrounding to the central part. Ban Yan Cha is not as expensive as Zheng Yan Cha but still exhibits a lot of Wuyi Oolong characters, and quality sometime are surprisingly good.

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