Anxi Oolong

Anxi is a very famous tea producting area which located in Fujian province. Anxi Oolong teas are made in two styles, Anxi green (fragrance) Oolong and Anxi Roasted Oolong. Anxi green Oolong tea is deeply green in appearance, with flowery aroma, pure and brisk taste. Anxi roasted Oolong tea is brown in appearance, with long lasting aftertaste and complex flavors.

Probably the most wellknown Anxi Oolong is Tie Guan Yin, named after the bodhisattva Avalokitesvara, it has also been translated as "Iron Goddess of Mercy" after the old translation for Guan Yin's name. Tie Guan Yin produced from different areas of Anxi have different characteristics.

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