King of Tikuanyin / Anxi Tikuanyin

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Enjoy the inimitable gastronomic experience of the legendary Tikuanyin tea from Anxi. The complex floral taste combined with a buttery texture and a sweet finish make every brew delightful.

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King of Tikuanyin 

There's the much-loved and sipped traditional oolong Chinese tea, and then there's Tikuanyin. It is the premium version of the oolong, regarded for its distinct aroma, taste and medicinal benefits. According to popular legend, Qing emperor Kangxi prayed to Goddess of Mercy Guanyin to cure him of smallpox. She healed him and in return, said that the people of the region must cultivate tea bushes in the mountainside, which since then, have been named after the goddess.


 The Tikuanyin species of tea trees traces its origins to the Anxi region of China. The trees are best grown in the lush elevated terrain of Anxi.

What does the process look like?

The Tikuanyin making process has been described as part art, part science. Oolong is harvested only in spring and autumn. The leaves are usually plucked only in the earliy in the morning. The freshly plucked leaves are then sun dried, and shaken through a rotating container to remove any debris and soften the leaf surface. The leaves are semi-oxidized to 30%, and then left to wither for several hours in a quality-controlled setting. The withered leaves are rolled by hand or in a roaster. They are packed into bags, rolled, unpacked, re-packed and rolled around 100 times to make tiny balls.

How does Tikuanyin tease the senses?

Top quality Tikuanyin leaves are jade green, stiff and retain a strong, fresh smell even after multiple brews. They create a pale green infusion in your teacup. The taste is mild and pleasant, with a hint of floral aroma. The blend of flavors is complex but clean. It goes down well and does not leave behind a dry or bitter aftertaste. Take a few sips and you'll understand why Tikuanyin is hailed as a 'superior' tea.

Why should you drink Tikuanyin?

As the tea leaves are only slightly oxidized, they preserve their antioxidants to offer health benefits. They contain polyphenols, which help you to burn fat. A healthy eating habit and regular exercis, oolong tea could be effective aid towards a fitter body.

How do you brew a nice cup of Tikuanyin?

Western style of brewing takes you just a couple of minutes. You'll need 2-3 teaspoons of Tikuanyin tea for ½ liter of water for an intense cup of tea. Pour boiling water (100ºC) into the tea cup, let the leaves steep for 3-5 minutes, and then serve with sugar or honey. You can brew quality Tikuanyin about seven times.


The tea is vacuum packed in individual small convenience pack which is perfect for a medium size Gaiwan, using Chinese style of brewing.

  • Other Name
    Anxi Tikuanyin, King of Tikuanyin, Tieguanyin, Iron Goddess of Mercy, 鐵觀音王
  • Origin
    China, Fujian
  • Packaging
    100g Vaccum Pack (10g tea in each), 250g vaccum bag (25x bags)
  • Type
    Green Oolong, light Roasted, Semi-fermented
  • Grade
  • Weight per bag
    25g, 100g, 250g
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5.00 (Votes: 1)
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  • KittyLovesTea
    Jan 26, 2018, 02:18 PM
    A beautiful and fragrant Oolong packed with buttery, floral notes which deepen into a green, vegetal after taste. Simply beautiful!
08 Nov 2018

In the tea world, the first thing to understand is that all the teas, Black, Green or Oolong, are made from the tender shoots of the Tea plant, Camellia sinensis. Here the differences in each tea, are created by the way it is manufactured. So when it comes to oolong tea, the tea is called “Semi-fermented” or in simple terms, its processing is in between of Black tea and Green tea.

18 Jun 2017

Every morning I’m not at the office (sometimes in the afternoon if I’m having trouble getting out of bed) I lay a towel down on my roommates table...

Posted on Categories : Oolong Tea, Teaware
08 Sep 2015

The King of Tikuanyin Tea

Posted on Categories : Oolong Tea, Anxi Oolong
08 Dec 2015

Video Review of Anxi Tikuanyin

Posted on Categories : Oolong Tea, Anxi Oolong

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