Geen tea grading chart


The grading of appearance is the same for the most Chinese green teas except for some tea that using mature leave as raw material, such as Tai Ping Hou Kui and Lu An Gua Pian. The time of harvest is an important factor to determine the grade. The earlier it harvest in spring means the better it is,. The summer harvested tea is the lowest quality one, usually it has nothing but bitterness in the taste.


Grade 5. harvested late spring, no buds or tiny buds, stalk and leafs up to 10 cm (wet leaf)

Grade 4. buds, long stalk and leafs, up to 5 cm (wet leaf), Proportionally leafs are a lot more then buds, harvested late spring.

Grade 3. buds, short stalk and leafs. harvested early spring.

Grade 2. buds, have very tender young leafs, Proportionally buds and leafs about the same, first or second harvest.

Grade 1. mostly buds, may have tiny protecting leafs from the winter season. The buds are longer then leaf. The base of the bud might be woody, that is because the first bud is developing on the branch from the winter.

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