Finally my sample box arrived, actually it was very fast considering was coming from Hong Kong. First tea that I tried is this Chenpi Pu-erh. I have to say that is my first experience with Pu-erh so I can't really do some comparisons neither give a vote, but I can definitely say what I felt. The tea comes in a  little dried tangerine and the smell is very interesting: delicate but consistent. As recommended I brewed it with a gaiwan and I rinsed it twice. Dark color, very deep copper - brownish. While tasting of course you'll feel a bit of tangerine but not so much as you could imagine. Surprisingly I felt a distinct note of rose. I did few infusion and the rose was always there. Nice aftertaste: this particular sensation that the mouth feels when a citrus zest is eaten.

I don't know if this is my cup of tea :-) but surely interesting.

ps. sorry for the quality of the photo!

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