Spring Tea! The ultimate desire of all the tea lovers. Spring is the magical season of all four seasons as it brings the sense of warmth and rejuvenation to almost every humankind. So does the Spring tea, comes as the best harvest of the year, and in this spring “Grand tea” offers you the best of all.

Spring Tea
Photographer: Jennifer Miller (@katlyntje on Instagram)

Why is it so special? 

The Spring tea is considered as the best Tea of all, due to the best flavor, aroma as well as the texture, the tea brings to its consumer. In simple terms, the Spring teas are the first batches of tea harvested in the early period of Spring. So how does the Spring tea become so special? Here is the fact, during the winter all the tea bushes undergo a dormant period, having stored enough plant nutrients inside the plant. On the other hand, during the harsh winter, the plant develops special plant compounds which help the plant to survive in the extreme cold conditions.

Soon after the winter, the plant goes back to its growth phase, and the first few harvests are filled with all these special plant components that enhance the flavor, aroma and the texture of made tea. On the other hand, with the favorable weather conditions of the Spring season, the plants get well rejuvenated and this results in a great appearance in the harvested Tea as well. For all the spring tea lovers, it is important to know that the Spring teas are not only rich in taste, but also rich in nutrients such as amino acids and vitamins. In addition to the plant properties that makes the tea special, the way it is produced is also special. During the early spring, the planters take extra care on the first harvest and they make sure these teas are produced with great care and precision. As the spring harvest is limited and highly demanded among the consumers, most of these teas are sold at very high prices in the market.

The Flavor, Aroma, and texture!

If you are new to the world of Spring tea, you may wonder whether these teas have truly distinct characters than the average teas. The answer is yes. Many teas connoisseurs’ view is that the Spring tea has its own character with distinct flavor, texture, and aroma.

Compared to the teas from other seasons, the spring teas are lighter and has very smooth delicate texture.  These teas have a unique aftertaste, it has a sweet and somewhat floral character.  The other important character is the aroma.  For many tea lovers, the aroma is very important, as it gives you the first signal if tea is great or average. When it comes to the Spring teas, many say it smells like the "Spring" and teas are that much aromatic. Due to this importance, many attempts are taken to preserve the aroma of the tea during the processing.

Grand tea’s Spring collection…

As we described above, drinking Spring teas will bring you many benefits. Not only its superior taste but also the accumulated plant nutrients and antioxidants have made it a superior tea from the average teas. Knowing your love for Spring teas, we have brought a great collection of teas, from the best origins.

  • White tea: Our white teas are harvested with the best quality and have almost all the goodness preserved due to its minimal processing. These teas are full of antioxidants as well as so delicious and this spring harvest will make you carve for more of it!  

  • Green tea:  This light and refreshing Chinese green tea collection are the best you would find in the neighborhood. These teas are picked from the best growers of spring teas and this has been produced with extra care and love.  

  • Specialty teas: White Down Silver Needles, Shi Feng Supreme Dragon Well, Premium Bi Luo Chun, Premium Chinese Green Tea are some of our specialty teas in this Spring. These popular and refreshing teas are coming from the best growing regions of China and have its own characteristic smoothness and aroma.

Stay tuned with "Grand tea" for many best teas and it's our passion to give you a "grand" tea experience.