Welcome to our affiliate program!

In pursuit of a wider consumer base and enhanced recognition, we at Grand Tea are conducting affiliate program that brings our valuable customers on board. We all know that grabbing eyeballs of consumers has become all the more challenging in today’s competitive marketing landscape. Unless brands do something extraordinary, consumers are very unlikely to give their already-short attention to marketing campaigns.

As a consumer-oriented brand, Grand Tea makes consumers a part of the marketing campaign so that their perspective is also taken into consideration. Affiliate marketing is the go-to option for brands owing to its high awareness-generating and customer-conversion potential. We are, therefore, extending our hand to forge a partnership that creates a win-win situation for both of us.

How does our affiliate program work?

Becoming an affiliate

Becoming our affiliate essentially means you become an advocate of our brand. You simply have to fill up our affiliate partnership form and give your website details.

Our affiliate program, however, requires our affiliates to conform to certain specifications, one of which is their social media profile or blog presence. As an affiliate, you have to leverage your digital properties to drive traffic to our website and generate sales.

You do so by featuring our text link, HTML ad, and banner ads on your blog or website for your readers to see us.

Getting the payment

The benefits of becoming an affiliate with us are very many. Our program is completely based on performance, which is why we pay only for actual customers instead of visits. We have a dedicated affiliate marketing software that tracks every activity taking place on our website.

After a website visitor converts into an actual customer, you get your commission. What’s more interesting about our affiliate program is the use of Coupon Codes. You can share these codes with your friends and networks and drive them to our website to get your commission. This way, you get paid for your hard work, and we get the ROI we are aiming at.

Here’s a snippet of the program details:

Type of commission

13 percent of each sale the affiliate delivers.

Payout requirement

USD 50.00


Commissions are paid once a month, for the preceding month.

Our affiliate program is simple and easy to sign up and does not require extensive technical knowledge. We also have a 24-hour, real-time statistics and reporting mechanism in place to inform you about the performance of banners.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up here to become our affiliate today!