Hello everybody, today I’ll talk about the new Oolong tea that I’ve  just tasted, the Aged Phoenix Dan Cong. I’m a real Oolong addict and I  was absolutely delighted by this Aged Phoenix Dan Cong. Firstly I liked  the beautiful « blueish », slightly twisted leaves and secondly I was  overwhelmed by its fruity and floral smells. I could not say immediately which flavor was dominating the other but it was just an explosion of aromas to the nose.

I decided to  steep my Oolong in a porcelain teapot and started by a steep of 2 minutes in hot water that is 85°C. The first taste was like an explosion of flavors in the mouth, it had like a tropical taste both the fruity  and the « flowery »  flavors. I then resteeped the same leaves a second  time and I definetely liked the stronger litchi flavor which reminds me of my Mauritius Island ! Like all good Oolongs, the tea leaves can be resteeped without any hesitation and I did it 3 times for this tea and  the fruity flavor was getting like stronger and stronger.

So if you want to try an Oolong tea, go for this one, just feel it, it will come to your nose and your mouth naturally. 

aged dan cong

aged dan cong

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