Hello tea lovers! I'm Michelle of One More Steep and I'm writing here on Grand Tea's website about their Aged Phoenix Dan Cong.

If you haven't tried Aged Phoenix Dan Cong yet, it is an aged oolong from Phoenix Mountain. The dry leaf of this tea smells quite fruity as it has deep plum and mango aromas. The tea leaves themselves are quite lovely to see as there's minimal twist and they have a deep purple colour.
I steeped this oolong in 85C (185F) water for an initial steep of 1 minute. I steep most of my teas in a teapot, if you're option to steep in a gaiwan you'll want to steep for a shorter amount of time - Grand Tea recommends no more than 3 seconds.
I found that the flavour profile of this oolong to be a lot more complex than I anticipated. I could taste the sweetness from the plum and mango flavours, but there was also floral and lychee flavours as well. The lychee was the most pleasant surprise from this tea, as it was quite a refreshing flavour to have in a tea.

Aged Phoenix Dan Cong was really pleasant to drink, and I managed to resteep the same leaves a total of three times. I found that the plum and mango flavours weakened while the floral and lychee notes grew stronger. It was enjoyable to drink and I'd recommend it if you're looking for a complicated oolong to try.

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