Hello tea friends! 

This is Michelle from One More Steep and today I'm writing about this brilliant dragonwell from Grand Tea.

Shi  Feng Dragonwell is from Zhejiang Province. This green tea is pan fried  and flattened (by hand!) to produce a green tea with a flat, bright  green dry leaf. Shi Feng Dragonwell has a beautifully light aroma that  reminds me a lot of apples and roasted chestnuts.

Once steeped, it  produces a pale yellow liquor. The aroma from the tea is that of roasted  chestnuts and with a hint of light floral in the background. With a  short steep (I did 60 seconds for an initial steep), I found there was  zero bitterness or astringency - this dragonwell is quite smooth! In  addition to the taste of roasted chestnuts and floral notes, I found  there was a light umami flavour. There's something just a touch salty in  this dragonwell that reminds me of seaweed.

Shi Feng Dragonwell is  definitely a tea that I would recommend resteeping - I steeped the same  leaves an additional five times and found that the flavours got bolder  and more intensified for the first two resteeps, and slowly started to  wane as I continued. The flavour was still very similar to the initial  steep, with just a little bit less floral notes on my tongue.

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