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Xinhui Chenpi is a famous sun-dried and aged peel of the aromatic tangerine (mandarin) most commonly known as “Aged Peel” or just Chenpi. Sometimes it is also called “ju pi”. It is used as seasoning in food or as a herb with many vitamins and minerals. According to Chinese medecine, Chenpi enhances immunity system, eases allergies and helping the digestive system.


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Chenpi is the name for tangerine peel that is dried under the sun and aged. Literally translate it as "aged peel". Chenpi from Xinhui is of the best quality, because the tangerine from that area is rich in aromatic oil in the peel. The tradition of procuring and ageing tangerine peel has lasted several hundred years and was shipped to various foreign regions by the Xinhui businessmen. Chenpi is sometimes also known as Ju Hong, which means red tangerine peel. Qing Pi is the name for the peel of green young tangerines. When the peel aged for a few months, it could be used in teas or for cooking. If it aged for more then one year, it could be used as a herb with medical value. The older the peel, the higher medical value it is.

Appearance and taste

The mature fresh peel is orange in color but with the drying and ageing it turns into deep-red color. The skin is relative thick and rough when you touch it compares to the peel not from Xinhui. The fragrance of fresh peel from Xinhui does not smell much different from regular citrus peel. It is sweet, spicy and leaves a bitter after taste. But once it aged, the fragrance develop gradually to a smoother and deeper tone. No matter how old the peel is, the aged peel still has an amazing smooth citrus aroma.


Health benefits

Tangerine is one of the best sources of Vitamin C. The peel which is dried and aged is used as a herb and is also used in cooking or beverages. The Chenpi is very useful for averting allergies like a cough and cold and helps in building your immunity system against them. It enhances blood circulation and lowers your cholesterol. It can also be used to provide relief for cases of diarrhoea, indigestion, hiccups, constipation and other digestive disorders. It also helps in getting respite from nausea and vomiting.

Why buy Xinhui Chenpi?

Chenpi from the Xinhui region are of the highest quality which is why it is called Xinhui Chenpi. For people with allergies and digestive problems, using Chenpi in your daily diet will help you in getting rid of these ailments. It will also have a long-term and positive effect on your health and immunity.


Xinhui Chenpi can be used as a medicine and in your cooking as well. It has been a common ingredient of traditional Chinese medicine. The dried peel can be soaked and used or it can be ground into a powder and consumed. It can be used in various dishes and soups and tea blends. The most common tea blend is drinking with pu-erh. You break the peel in small pieces and mix it with pu-erh and then brew it as usual.

Storage and Aging

Ageing tangerine peel is much simpler then ageing pu-erh. Just keep the tangerine airtight and cool in a jar (rooms temperature). Only time you need to do anything is when the peel is soft and feel moist, then you should take it out from the jar for a sun bath.

Some people who like drinking Chenpi pu-erh may mix the pu-erh and the peel to age them together, but I rather suggest you to keep them separately until you going to drink them.


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