00's Aged Green Pu-erh Cake in Pieces

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Aged Pu-erh Cake in Pieces packed in Canister

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    Zhong Cha Blue Label, Year 2006 = no. GP20-01

    Da Shu Qing Bing, Year 2006 - 大树青饼 = no. GP20-02

    Nu Er Qing - 女儿香, Year 2008 = no. GP20-03

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Puerh tea is known as the tea of authenticity and tradition. Puerh tea from “grand tea” comes in a very special way. Our finely aged puerh tea does not come in as a traditional cake; instead, we have packed it in a handy, easy to use metal canister to make everyone’s life easier. This canister is capable to preserve the already aged tea very well from the sunlight, the excuses moisture and help you with the storage.  Above all, this product is cheaper to buy than buying a whole cake at once and the attractive canister makes it a perfect gift too. Each canister of puerh you buy from us has a batch number, for easy tracing back to the batch of Puerh cake it originate from.

With that briefing, let's take you to the mystic world of puerh tea.

What is puerh tea?

Like many other teas, puerh tea also prepared form the tender leaves of the tea plant “Camellia sinensis”. Puerh tea is known to be originated in “Yunnan province” of China during the era of “Eastern Han Dynasty”. Compared to other tea types, this tea is a very special kind and often referred to as post-fermented tea, due to its very special way of manufacturing. In the post-fermentation phase, the rolled and dried tea leaves are allowed to go through microbial fermentation process causing the tea leaves to change the color and the flavor. These teas are often compressed into brick or cake shapes as a part of the puerh tradition.  The flavor profile of puerh tea is very special, and some tea connoisseurs relate the attributes of puerh tea into that of fine wine. Due to its special way of production, the shelf life of puerh tea is very long. The aging process of puerh tea is very important as it improves the characters of flavor while improving the health benefits as well.

Health benefits of Puerh tea

The health benefits of puerh tea are numerous; few of those benefits are listed below for your knowledge.

  • Puerh tea contains antioxidants: The antioxidants in puerh tea are capable of neutralizing harmful free radicals and thereby protects your body from many harmful diseases like cancer.
  • Puerh tea helps in weight loss: Puerh tea has the ability to improve the digestion and in collaboration with other compounds like polyphenols, it can help to reduce weight through improved digestion and fat breakdown.
  • Puerh tea helps in improved mental alertness: The caffeine content in puerh tea is proven to be a helpful compound in improved mental alertness and focus.
  • Puerh tea can reduce stress: The availability of amino acid “Theanine" is known to have a relaxation effect on the human body. Thereby this tea can reduce stress while helping in better sleep and calming people.

How to brew a perfect cup of Puerh tea? 

When it comes to the brewing of puerh tea, traditional Gaiwan can be used. It is recommended to use 1g of tea for approximately 15ml of water, and the proportion can be increased depending on the number of cups that need to be prepared. In traditional tea brewing, warmed Gaiwan is used and the tea leaves are rinsed before the brewing. After the rinse, the leaves can be steeped for 10 to 20 seconds in boiling water and the leaves can be brewed for several rounds like this.

Types of Puerh tea: 

Puerh tea can be identified as two distinct verities namely as “Sheng” (green/raw) puerh tea and “Shou” (Black/ripened) puerh tea.

  • Sheng (Raw) Puerh tea:

The Raw Puerh tea is produced by inhibiting the enzymatic fermentation at the initial stages of production. Later, these teas are allowed to ferment or age through microbial activities. As a result of the slow oxidation process, the Raw Puerh tea has an earthy flavor along with a sweet aftertaste, and the flavor is known to be improved through time.

  • Shou (Ripened) puerh tea:

The Ripened Puerh tea is different from Raw type, as it has gone through the fermentation process during the production. This tea is regarded as a luxurious beverage and often compared to characters of wine. The tea has a smooth flavor profile with mellow earthy and woody flavor notes.  

All this information is for you to be knowledgeable about the tea that you drink. Our puerh teas are specially sourced from the Yunnan province itself and prepared through true authentic techniques. It comes in a handy metal tin, so it helps you in many ways such as storing and protecting this precious tea.

If you interested in buying a whole Pu-erh cake or a stack please contact us.

  • Aged Puerh
    Batch no.GP20-01, Batch no.GP20-02, Batch no.GP20-03
  • Size
    15g (zip bag), 150g (canister)
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